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Can a country with a large population find better and more efficient solutions to its problems under Communism?

I am from India, the world's largest democracy. I do believe in democracy but somehow, when it comes to finding solutions to problems, a communist government seems to find effective solutions most of the time.

Is communism a better approach towards problems being faced by a country with a large population or is it something which can cost us our individual rights and liberal thinking in the process of enforcing "good" solutions to solve our problems?

This occurred to me when I took a look at China, which is a major force to reckon with in today's world. It has found solutions to a lot of its problems and has been able to solve them because they were able to enforce those solutions, being communist.


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    Mar 4 2013: No
    • Mar 4 2013: why not?
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        Mar 6 2013: China
        I've been living there for a long time
        Many times
        • Mar 6 2013: Hello Dorian,
          Can you please elaborate on how your experience residing in the country makes you think that?
        • Mar 7 2013: hello Dorian

          this is the simple and tragic example of communication misinterpretation, which in many cases leads to misunderstanding and tension between two parties. this is one of the reasons that conflicts start between friends / couples / strangers / neighbours / communities / nations.

          I believe I didn't ask where you have lived and how many times this has happened, as you can say above if you have a good look once more.

          allow me to bring your attention back to our communication. you wrote, NO.
          I asked "Why not?"

          my question started with WHY which seeks reasons and beliefs behind the statement you made.

          Would you be so kind to share with us your thoughts and beliefs about this subject (instead of times and places you have lived) now please ?


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