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Alternative for Democracy

Democracy lacks coherence with the imperfect nature of human beings. Decisions shouldn't be taken by majorities since we have no guarantees that these majorities are right. Giving the same amount of votes for everyone means putting someone's education on the same level with another person's ignorance. Also, decision are hardly based on analysis and studies.

The idea is still theoretic but I propose giving the power to the debate that occurs between specialists in the first place and commoners on a second level. The idea consists of a scientific method which calculates advantages and disadvantages on different levels (environmental, economic, educational...) The project that provides success on more levels is executed. The matter becomes more of a democracy of advantages rather than of people.

There are laws for debating and there is a council that organizes debates. Every town, city or public institution would have a council. For now I believe that a competition is made for assigning council members which aren't more than employees but the matter is debatable.

It is possible to change every detail by debate in this system but the main idea remains the same.


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  • Feb 10 2013: The problem is that people think that government must make all of society's decisions. This places tremendous amounts of power in the government. That government then becomes vulnerable to charismatic takeover as happened in the often cited case of Germany. Germany was a democracy and still wound up a dictatorship when it placed too much faith in its government.

    Powerful governments also generate corruption and graft. There is no point in bribing a government official who can do nothing for you.

    I think that it would be far better to let people to make their own decisions to the greatest extent possible. The only function of a good government is to protect the rights of the people. If government was restricted to this role then your ideas would actually be implemented automatically.
    • Feb 11 2013: Your proposition concerning taking absolute power from governments makes a lot of sense actually and when I think about it being done in my country it seems a good plan.

      But, the people shouldn't take their own decisions since they aren't mature enough or into technical details as much as specialists and scientists... This might sound crazy but governments and parliaments shouldn't exist at all. They vote and voting as I believe doesn't produce necessarily a healthy choice.

      Of course my ideas are still theoretical and need a lot of testing before being implemented. And if proven successful a proper transition should be provided.

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