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Let's all get outside!

I know that governments are promoting outsidlyness (I know it is not a word) but this is not enough. There are 3 ways we can promote this even further. 1. we can make a website where people can log their outside time. 2. we can make it really easy to get to the website by putting a button on the user's screen. 3. a noise can play at x time so that they know to log.

  • Feb 26 2013: Great idea!!

    An outsidlyness app social network.

    After i saw this video, i'm thinking... i'm 29 years and i don't know much of my country that have a real nature richness.

    And I like very very much doing outdoors and challenges, but... i think i need some motivation, my lifestyle are destroing my impetu... (to party, popular culture, facebook also) and i think i need to find me and my originals motivations.

    Well le'ts get outside!!!
  • Feb 11 2013: I oppose to creating a computer virus because that would cause damage to their computer. However, we can set a time limit per day on all computers to make sure no one spends to long on their computers.