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How can we develop passion towards something?

Being passionate is the essence of leading a successful life, but how can we become passionate?


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  • Feb 10 2013: According to me passion is extreme madness and liking towards something. The object and level of your passion depends upon your personality, experiences from past and available opportunities. You have to provide constant food to keep that passion ignited. For that keep meeting people who follow similar passion, read more information about it. Try to know successful examples in your area of passion. At the same time know about your capabilities and try to match them with the requirements needed to pursue your passion. A SWOT analysis is necessary in your respective area of passion. Focus more on strengths and feel good about yourself for following what you really want. Hold your nerves during hard times and keep working for the enjoyment received by following your passion...
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      Feb 10 2013: What if you are passionate about something that doesnt really require elevation of your strengths, skills. my point is, can your abilities exceed your passion? or does it have to be a challenege?

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