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The Future of School Schedules

I visit a lot of schools. Generally, no matter what the official topic is for our discussion, we inevitable discuss time. Teachers don't have enough time. Administrators don't have enough time, and students don't have enough time. And yet, we have all these new technology tools and resources - so why are busier than ever?

Are we at a cross-roads? Will the new technologies dissolve our current "8:30-3:30" school day of 50-minute classes? I realize there are many variations of the school schedule (class periods, days, week, semesters, grading periods, etc), but I would like to hear thoughts from the community -


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  • Feb 9 2013: This may involve a lack of concern in the public schools by the students.
    • Feb 9 2013: So, George, would you say that the comments about not having time are excuses for lack of interest, lack of motivation, etc?

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