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What inspires you?

One person is active, engaged, inspired and ready to take on life’s challenges. The other person lives a routine life where today was the same 50 years ago.

What makes someone motivated, ready to learn, inspired and ready to inspire other people.

What makes someone not motivated, uninterested and live day to day?

What makes you wake up everyday? Why do some people live meaningless lives that they do not enjoy? What makes you be active and engaged ?

Here at TED people are active and inspired and we sometimes forget those who aren’t.

How do we activate the deactivated?

  • Feb 9 2013: I am being motivated and inspired by

    - other people like Elon Musk and Larry Page

    - feeling great when helping others

    - possibilities that technology especially the Internet brings to us and what I can do with it

    - family and friends
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    Feb 9 2013: Great question. Hit "edit" to add more time to it.

    I'm pretty motivated, I think stubborness might be important. Not being willing to settle, wanting quality of life. Some people might feel daunted by the opposing forces, in other words if you're going to ask an original question, you're going to have to be awfully smart to deal with all the questions that are going to come back to you. Maybe some people just don't want that rejection, or don't know how to cope with it. I guess I can handle rejection, a lot of people have difficulty with it.
  • Feb 9 2013: my goals
  • Feb 9 2013: It varies.
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    Feb 9 2013: .
    Making A-STEP-BETTER for keeping our DNA alive impairs us.

    The deactivated can be activated by making them believe they can make the A-STEP-BETTER.
    It is easy because the A-STEP-BETTER is almost independent of its size.

    (For details, see 1st article, points 1-3 at