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Are we wise enough to use technology without it biting back?

Many technologies have caused unintended consequences. There is a book about this topic "Why things bite back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences." I have not read it. Have you?

For example some of the side effects of automobile use are air pollution, expensive transportation, stuff being built farther apart, general lack of exercise in our society.

I realize a lot of anwers will be to the effect that it is an individuals choice. Think about the collective choices of what tecnonolgy society has adopted. Like the automobile some technologies are nearly mandatory to own in order to survive.

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  • Feb 10 2013: Although technology has changed our life positively in many cases, we arent always conscious enough to use it wisely . Most of us look at the immediate benefits and rewards brought by the technology and often neglect long term consequences of using it. May it be use of an atom bomb or our daily use the electricity, we dont give much consideration to the damage done to the natural resources while using the technology. The use of technology mainly brings changes in external environment as well as it affects the lifestyle of human beings.

    Few of the studies by Mental Health Organisations indicate that the cases of depression are on the rise leading to the increasing feeling of loneliness among people. It's mainly due to the reduction in time spent in social activities with people surrounding us and inability to cope up with rapid changes brought by technology in our lives. It's really surprising to notice that people are feeling lonely inspite of a rapidly growing population and increasing opportunities provided by technology to communicate. It has taken thousands of years for humans to evolve the way we are at the moment. So it's not always possible for humans to cope up with the technological changes.

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