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Are we wise enough to use technology without it biting back?

Many technologies have caused unintended consequences. There is a book about this topic "Why things bite back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences." I have not read it. Have you?

For example some of the side effects of automobile use are air pollution, expensive transportation, stuff being built farther apart, general lack of exercise in our society.

I realize a lot of anwers will be to the effect that it is an individuals choice. Think about the collective choices of what tecnonolgy society has adopted. Like the automobile some technologies are nearly mandatory to own in order to survive.

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  • Feb 9 2013: The problem is that we stop looking for problems that we already have solutions for. This sounds dumb but actually the technological solutions we are making have down sides. When we try finding new solutions for already solved problems we may make better ones.

    We stopped thinking about effective individual private transportation since cars were invented but, in fact if we made other solutions, we wouldn't probably suffering from pollution, or obesity...

    That is why solving a problem in one way shouldn't stop us from looking for another solution.

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