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Are "infinity" and "forever' real?

Number strings suggest infinity and forever exist, even in both directions. Does this mean "beginning" and "end" are illusions in our brain?

The brain can only interpret the world by what it is able to perceive with our limited senses, sight,touch,hearing,taste, smell. Even with sensory aids like telescopes, microscopes, microwave arrays etc. we only perceive a limited part of the universe, and what we perceive is flawed. Solid objects are not really solid.

The universe appears to be in constant change, our world is in constant change, we are in constant change: perceived "beginnings" and "ends" may represent changes in form not substance. Our brains contrive the best explanation it can from what it is able to perceive.

The Big Bang may represent an event in a continuum of changes.

If forever and infinity are real, a creator is superfluous.


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  • Feb 8 2013: My understanding is that human beings cannot imagine fully and will never experience infinity, timelessness, and eternity while we are yet human. Passing on to next stages of afterlife we might see and understand more. To experience these as absolutes probably will never happen except for the Original One.

    All we humans have is imagination and opinion. Our minds are not capable of experiencing either of the above.

    But, Hey! Let's keep thinking anyway!!! Many posts here on TED are fun to watch!!

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