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Education reform

We all have ideas and we all like our ideas to be heard. Everyone should voice their opinions on the things they feel strongly about. However, we should also care enough to voice our opinions about the things that we may not feel as strong about but that are important to our society. Often the passion for these ideas and opinions pushes people towards advocacy. There is a lot of different groups that advocate for different views all with varying degrees of importance. For me education one of the issue that I find to be higher up on the list. There are many reasons that education is important and the videos above and I all of our comments below will pinpoint many of them. I feel that one day future generations will recognize education reform among many of the great turning points in history. Lets exercise our power to create change here through conversation and hopefully stimulate many people to create change through voice and action in there own communities.

Questions to get us started.
What do you think about the current education system in Utah? Do you think it needs to be reformed? What do you think about the increase in private schools? What would you do to "fix the system"? How would you get the rest of the public to become interested in your perspective?


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    Feb 9 2013: 1. I don't know a thing about the educational system in Utah, so my opinion would be worthless.
    2. same
    3. Increase in private schools? If they are mere extensions of the public ones, what a waste.
    4. To fix the system? Make it relevant and meaningful. Thus, make it more complete. Take it out of the US Dept of Commerce and make it a stand-alone department. Right now, the U. S. Dept of Ed has as its mission statement that it exists to prepare students for global competition. Think about all of the things that it does NOT stand for, and how preparing students for global competition actually harms students (and ultimately society greatly. Untie education from money.
    5. How to get the public interested in my perspective? Impossible for as long as society is structured as it is (and for as long as money is its god)

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