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Education structure in general but specifically Utah's Education.

There are a lot of reforms going on all the time. Many of these are important but some are more important. Education is an important one to me for many reasons. The education reform will be one of the most important reforms. Lets get some conversation going and hopefully stimulate many people to action.

What do you think about the current education system in Utah? Do you think it needs to be reformed? What do you think about the increase in private schools? What would you do to "fix the system"? How would you get the rest of the public to become interested in your perspective?

  • Feb 8 2013: Mormans in Utah Baptists in Texas Lutherns in Minnesota etc. attitudes vary a littel from state to state. Other countries do it better in many ways than any of these groups. Look and learn, but first we would need to know what we really want. Duh Can we really do that? I doubt it.