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How do you prepare your body and mind to meditate for ten minutes without feeling anxious?

Looking for ideas to help relax your body for ten minutes without feeling like your wasting time. I always think of the things I could accomplish when I am trying to meditate. Wondering how does one prepare their body to fully close off surrounding thoughts?


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  • Feb 8 2013: Look on the Internet for Centering Prayer writings by Father Keating. He resurrected an ancient technique of using a secret word to help you return to a quiet mind, helping a person to empty the mind. You choose your secret word and use that to return to quietness of mind. The main point is rid the daily "trash" and business to allow new thoughts. He recommends 20 minutes and others here below offered good suggestions. Discipline and habit are vital and soon it becomes easier and normal.

    For meditation it is your thoughts that count and if a person is determined, dedicated, honest, and sincere, there will be benefits. Daily trash must get out of the way to unblock the possibilities.

    Why the anxiety? Is there fear of what could happen or a fear of not getting other things done? For each person the issues are different.

    Don't give up. Real leaders do listen at quiet time. Imagine the many places and projects that need good leaders!

    Worth spreading, this topic you have here!

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