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Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?

People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything
But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight.
why is that? why that can't be a normal subject?
and more important, How can we prevent this?


Closing Statement from Farokh Shahabi Nezhad

Tnx everyone for their replies. I enjoyed learning from different aspect for this problem.

I can only conclude this : Don't argue with someone unless they are open minded and ready to be changed and challenged.

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  • Feb 18 2013: Thank you Mary,

    One approval out of two tries isn't bad...

    An analogy --

    I went to many Federal, City, and University Libraries in several states.
    Checking out and reading books concerning life and health Insurance.
    NO negative books nor privately published accounts of the insurance industry were found.
    All the books were published by a single publisher for the insurance industry itself.
    Including most sales and training literature for at least the major insurance corporations.

    I suppose, religions are much the same.
    Their control of information may be why religious debate can be so volatile,

    Our Federal Government works the same.
    • Feb 18 2013: Talking about religion will often result in argument because only one side has an argument. Religion is not empirical, but science is. If two are talking about a non-empirical topic on which they both have strong opinions, there will be an argument: neither one has empricisim on his or her side. Without empiricism there is no logic. With no logic there is no reason. With no reason there is no common ground.

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