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Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?

People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything
But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight.
why is that? why that can't be a normal subject?
and more important, How can we prevent this?


Closing Statement from Farokh Shahabi Nezhad

Tnx everyone for their replies. I enjoyed learning from different aspect for this problem.

I can only conclude this : Don't argue with someone unless they are open minded and ready to be changed and challenged.

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    Feb 18 2013: Many religious leaders have long ago manage to convince their followers that to even entertain the ideas of another leader is a slight to them. This effectively reduce debate to a war of words with the intended result being the total destruction of your opponent.
    A true debate should a process of purifying ones belief by bringing the experiences of a fellow human(S) to the table for consideration. In this scenario all participators in the event should leave the table wiser than when they arrived.. .
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      Feb 20 2013: "I would never expect a single human to apprise me of the sum total of all possible human experiences; Why then would I expect a single "NDE" human to summarize all NDEs for me ?"

      I agree: It would be imprudent, as experiences here in the world we see, and in the worlds we don't see are infinitely diverse, and unpredictable.

      Nevertheless, NDE's are becoming fairly commonplace--as are accounts of them--now that medical science has advanced sufficiently to revive those who might have passed on before these advances.

      "On the other hand,nor should I discount any honest persons experience for the sole reason that it is unique or estranged to my own experiences."

      That, too, is prudent. Given my own life experiences which are bizarre enough, I'm loathe to dismiss any claims, without first exposing them to exhaustive scrutiny.

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