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Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?

People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything
But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight.
why is that? why that can't be a normal subject?
and more important, How can we prevent this?


Closing Statement from Farokh Shahabi Nezhad

Tnx everyone for their replies. I enjoyed learning from different aspect for this problem.

I can only conclude this : Don't argue with someone unless they are open minded and ready to be changed and challenged.

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  • Feb 17 2013: Religions are not worth debating. It is much better to debate something which compliments and furthers our involvement with respect for each-other and keep a grasp of truth based reality.
    • Feb 17 2013: Gosh Martin,

      I agree.
      Could we throw debating Politics into the same worthless non-reality?
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      Feb 18 2013: Martin - the problem is that religion so very often compromises and sabotages respect for each other and grasp of truth-based reality and therefore it HAS to be put on the negotiation table and discussed.
      I'm not speaking of a debate between two or more religions, but a debate about the value of religions themselves and their possible consequences for humanity at large.
    • Feb 18 2013: Martin

      There are belief systems by which one acts.
      and ones act always effects others in one way or another.

      when that effect is negligible we can avoid discussions ( thats what we do to avoid fights , even with our beloved ones ) but when the effect is considerable and negative then it is better to discuss rather then fighting over it.

      Still a larger part of the world is driven by religion and thats what matter for them.
      and by these discussions we can clear some doubts which we may have.
      I am not a perfect human being and i cant live harmoniously with only my beliefs
      I need to understand yours too.

      Hope to get your views on the same.

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