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Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?

People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything
But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight.
why is that? why that can't be a normal subject?
and more important, How can we prevent this?


Closing Statement from Farokh Shahabi Nezhad

Tnx everyone for their replies. I enjoyed learning from different aspect for this problem.

I can only conclude this : Don't argue with someone unless they are open minded and ready to be changed and challenged.

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    Feb 8 2013: The main reason religious debates go wild is because the people involved talk about the various differences and problems between the religions. They fail to notice that the basic underlying principle of peace which is common to all religions ,be it Hinduism,Christianity or Islam .
    Also they tend to get emotional. Emotions tend to muffle one's rational thinking and they just express their views at the spur of the moment. This leads to the heated discussions and fights.
    The only solution is for the lpeople to choose their leaders wisely. Those people who are willing to put their heads together with other leaders and work out an amicable solution. When people calm down their emotions and have a conversation with a cool head, they ll realise that they all have something in common. Thsi will reduce fights a lot!!
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      Feb 10 2013: Agreed with you.
      But do they really need leaders in religion? can't people think for themselves?
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        Feb 10 2013: Farokh,
        Of course people can think for themselves. But that leads to 100 different thoughts from 100 different persons. We need that one man/woman to unify us in thought as well as purpose and lead us in the right path. If all the people get to express their opinions, it would be total chaos. A good leader can find Order even in the midst of chaos and root for the cause - Unity among religions.
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          Feb 10 2013: But is there possible that insisting on opinions of these men be a cause of disagreement and maybe one of the reasons that people don't accept others opinions because they deeply believe in them?
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        Feb 11 2013: That , ofcourse , is another way to look at it!! May be a the leader's decisons are wrong or maybe people believe strongly in something. But take the case of Berlin wall. It has nothing to do with religion. But the wall which separated east & west germany was a mark of the cold war. It was a subject of great controversy. Many people lost their lives. But when there was a change in leadership, the wall was immediately put down unifying Germany. A leader has the power to cause disagreement, but also can rewrite history. It all depends on the people choosing the representatives. I strongly believe a good leader can unify religions with tact rather than the masses doing it on their own.

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