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Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?

People discuss lots of things, politics, sports, anything
But when they discuss religious opinions, most of the time, they get all angry and try to win even with fight.
why is that? why that can't be a normal subject?
and more important, How can we prevent this?


Closing Statement from Farokh Shahabi Nezhad

Tnx everyone for their replies. I enjoyed learning from different aspect for this problem.

I can only conclude this : Don't argue with someone unless they are open minded and ready to be changed and challenged.

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  • Feb 8 2013: Someone said it better than I on another topic on ted and I don't know where it is to quote it,
    so I can only paraphrase it as best I am able.
    Evidence for claims made, should solve it.
    Not wishful thinking, wanting something to be true, but actual evidence that can be quantified.
    If people really, really want to believe something is true or something proves (to them), what they so badly want
    to be true, that is the same to me as someone who stubbornly refuses the truth when it is presented. They really don't want to believe it.

    That being said, I must honor that if someone has an experience, the meaning to them is not only theirs, but they
    have every right to it. At times, I can neither disprove it, nor should I even try. The reverse is also true.

    I have had experiences I cannot prove. The difference is, I don't try and persuade others it is the only truth, proves anything, other than what it means to me. I just cannot get free land, tax-free money and have power over others simply because I say what I experienced is proof of some universal truth that grants me those things.

    I don't believe in God but the experiences I have had, I cannot explain nor do I fully understand, what they mean or might mean.

    I cannot disavow that there is more than the material but I truly believe (100%), that the sole purpose of religion is the utter and complete annihilation of the human spirit. This comes from my direct experience with religion and people of religion. That is my empirical evidence. I believe science and religion are both wrong, since neither has proven or provided a clear answer to the great question argued between them. So, maybe they are both wrong in some way they cannot see because they refuse to see. Alas, back to the argument.

    Probably fear. Fear we won't get what we need, or fear we will lose what we have. Covers everything in-between.
    Don't worry something good will happen. If it doesn't, don't worry. Something bad will happen.

    Are you okay? Of course.

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