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Data can explain everything. Or can it?

Firstly, Sebastian Wernicke gave such a brilliant talk. There is so much truth and so much to be said about what the world and the TED community around the world hungers for. As Wernicke points out, talks related to abstract ideas and emotions such as happiness, love, religion tended to be the most popular.

What other analysis has been done with the statistical data collected on TED online? It would be fascinating to relate this to trends in the consumer market. Perhaps, time series?

I would love to dabble with this data. Any thoughts or ideas?


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    Feb 12 2013: Val,

    Data can explain a great deal. But, just as science--which isn't science without data--it can't explain everything.

    Or, as a sign in Albert Einstein's office pointed out ""Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."


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