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Data can explain everything. Or can it?

Firstly, Sebastian Wernicke gave such a brilliant talk. There is so much truth and so much to be said about what the world and the TED community around the world hungers for. As Wernicke points out, talks related to abstract ideas and emotions such as happiness, love, religion tended to be the most popular.

What other analysis has been done with the statistical data collected on TED online? It would be fascinating to relate this to trends in the consumer market. Perhaps, time series?

I would love to dabble with this data. Any thoughts or ideas?


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    Feb 10 2013: "Everything" is an overrated word when it comes to the capabilities of data and the knowledge that lies hidden in it.

    However, it is fascinating of what all data can reveal if analyzed and observed carefully with the right perspective. Much of the businesses and research are data driven and the technological progress that our generation has witnessed is self explanatory.

    From my perspective, our methods need to be perfect to get everything out of our data and the same applies to the quality of data under examination. As many would agree, in statistical methods that we apply, some margin for error is already taken into account.

    So for me, I would not expect my data to tell me everything that it knows unless and until I apply my perfect statistical methods on it. Unless everything's perfect around it, Data does not explain everything !!

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