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Should former colonial powers intervene in events (e.g. war or famine) of their former colonies?

Perhaps, the historical links between colonies and their souvereigns are just not to be teared...


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    Feb 7 2013: but for god's sake, do not go there. just send the money over, if you feel it is fair.
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    • Feb 8 2013: Sending money does no good, I come from Kenya, and the west had donated money towards aid and food relief programs. The govt simply bought food and sent the food in the markets to earn money. The food did not save the lives of the hungry, and so sending money would not fix the problem.

      I am sure it is the same in many third world countries.
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        Feb 8 2013: then better not send money either, nor anything. remove trade barriers, that's all
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        Feb 8 2013: Kunal, this image you are painting here is bleaker than reality, but sadly, not entirely without truth. i think the aim is not to hold poor countries back, but rather, to "support" their own people, based on keynesian or even mercantilist views. these views are as selfish as outdated and stupid. the effect is no doubt horrible, but i don't think it is intentional. it is just misguided.
        • Feb 8 2013: I say let the poor countries suffer, if we let them suffer they shall then come up with their own solutions and thereby evolution shall take place. Most of the poor countries are poor by choice, if Singapore can change so quickly what is then stopping the bigger nations from progressing?

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