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Should former colonial powers intervene in events (e.g. war or famine) of their former colonies?

Perhaps, the historical links between colonies and their souvereigns are just not to be teared...


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    Feb 7 2013: I would say in an IDEALl world yes...under the conditions they rewrite all historical narratives about their :colonialiization,as an invasion and act of terrorism..that due to the time period it was of poor judgement and greed. Now that the colonialists are modern,no such action is seen as just and to prove their sincerity they are willing to give what exists in their modern enviornment to the colony , so they can recover from the effects of death and hardship. As a subset of this modern restoritive justice the colonizer would address the deep psychological scares of war and assist in ressurrecting the colonies former culture ..through books ,theatre, dance , music,statues. in AN ideal world this entry proceedure is to lay a foundation of trust..then aid will be permitted by the victim(colony)

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