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Countries with ageing population should have a retirement age of 70.

Nowadays it's really relevant to talk about such reforms.

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    Feb 7 2013: There is a need of a fundamental transformation of the pension systems as we know them. Mere raising of the retirement age is just posponing the inevitable. What needs to be done is a reform that will make the system sustainable. Pension systems - whether people like it or not - need to be based primarily on individual savings in order to be sustainable. Such system requires responsibility from the people which is, however, hard to come by these days.
  • Feb 8 2013: Aside from the money question - which I know is a big one- I would like to suggest that what is needed is a new approach to work after 50.
    It could be more easily part-time, more advisory, more consultative and so on.
    People's energy changes...older people have a lot to contribute and offer...and if arranged in such a way as to be less stressful to them and more in keeping with their energy patterns, then would a cut off point be needed?

    It could vary, as people do.
  • Feb 8 2013: Just suppose we didn't have age discrimination like we do.
  • Feb 8 2013: Maybe social security should not be a retirement plan (although poor plan) but rather a stipened if person ages past average life expectancy.
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    Feb 8 2013: We have mandatory superannuation and our retirement age is currently 65 but creeps up to 67 by 2020 or so. I expect it will be 70 before I retire. I also expect to be quite able to work into my 70's due to modern medicine. Maybe retirement age should be 90% of the average life expectancy on the day you were born. That way it creeps up as life expectancy creeps up.