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Mr Cronin's idea- paired with an in-home/ensuite testing/Health evaluation area linked to an IBM/Watson style medical diagnostic tool

Perhaps an in home (or apt / condo/ office) medical bay or testing device/area. Something that evaluates fluids/BP/respiration/Heart rate etc then transmits to your doc or evaluates against an IBM/Watson style medical database.

Drugs that would be relatively safe could be created/distributed on the spot (with controls designed with substance abuse prevention in mind) Also alternative medicine, exercise or dietary changes might be suggested at the same time.

Serious problems based on patient history and/or genetic predisposition could be screened for on a daily/weekly basis.

Such an in- home /in-office/ en suite medical facility would be keyed to link to a Physician / Pharmacist for any serious meds that might be needed (and to prevent any contraindications the database may have missed) .