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How do you interact with everything?

How do you interact with everything?
I love creative answers...!
What are your thoughts on this question?


Closing Statement from Elizabeth Gu

Thank you all for participating in this conversation with creative and thought-provoking answers!
Taught me a lot.
Although the question seems to be vague and need specifying, your answers are just sufficient enough to convey your own thoughts!

To learn, live and love, I want to interact with people with more faith and sincerity.

Best wishes!
Liz :D

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    Feb 7 2013: With an open-mind.
    • Feb 9 2013: Awesome.
      That's the most admirable attitude(I want to learn from you).

      Sometimes fear, doubt, or hatred interfere with the way we interact with our experiences and others.

      Still, with an open-mind, we could sincerely (or should I say fearlessly?) interact with everything no matter what the circumstances are.

      Great response!
      Thanks :)
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        Feb 9 2013: I can't tell how old you are, Elizabeth, but in my life, I grew up and have always lived and usually worked in settings with people from all walks of life. I am just not naturally afraid of people. The default to me is always trust.

        I think you are right that many people are extremely inclined to make negative assumptions about strangers. In particular too many people assume others- vast numbers of others, or even the majority of others, simply don't have values as good or right as theirs.

        When a person makes a mistake at something he tries to do, he understands what it means to make a mistake. When someone else doesn't get something right, though, all too often the observer assumes he didn't TRY to get it right or didn't CARE.

        I read an article last week written by a psychology professor at Harvard who said what I also have observed (though in her case she has research support and in my case, my conclusion is informal). She claims that humans have a tremendous similarity in attributes. One of those attributes, unfortunately, is a tendency to believe others are much more different from us than they are- to read superficial differences as representing deep underlying differences of values.

        People would get along better, collaborate better, and waste a lot less energy if they didn't look for and assume negative attributes in those who are only superficially different.
        • Feb 9 2013: Interesting view!
          I think people fear to have an open mind because they're afraid to get hurt(from others).
          And the reason why they make 'negative assumptions' beforehand is that they want to protect themselves by justifying 'the fact—they believe it to be true', "I shouldn't trust her because I don't want her to hurt my feelings(by betraying me). By all means I should be dubious of her so that I can protect myself from being miserable."

          I remember watching some youtube video—can't remember exactly, but I suppose it's called "focusonacting". The guy from the video says that being outgoing means being outside of yourself as if you didn't really care about yourself. And you love being active while not thinking of others being judgy about you.

          Well, not that being outgoing equals having an open mind, but I think I learned some important lesson from his video.

          If we stop being obsessed with protecting our vulnerable minds while enjoying interacting with others actively, we could have an open mind against any other personal suspicion, fear, and even hatred—against a person who broke our heart, for example?

          I agree with you that we are just superficially different. And difference causes either curiosity, which becomes excitement, or fear. Latter is the cause of this defensive attitude, I think.

          I really envy you that you have an open mind and trust others.
          And speaking of your “default”, I believe, in many ways, it would be one of the things that show others how beautiful you are—although I don’t know who you are.
          I wish I could be like you all the time.
          I try to have an open mind, and sometimes it really hurts my feelings or other things.
          I often regret, “I should have continued to keep that attitude no matter what….”

          I love watching Sarah Kay’s and Brene Brown’s TED talks….. :)
          They always make me realize, “open your eyes and embrace your positive thinking.”

          Pleasure talking to you, Fritzie :o)

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