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Is the warming of our planet a legitimate issue?

Let me first start this out by saying I don't know much about the whole global warming concern aside from the obvious, so I don't believe one side over the other.
My debate stems from something I saw online yesterday and thought it was somewhat interesting (at least for me): Is climate change an issue we will look back on with regret 10, or even 20 years from now? An issue that is bigger than our own national debt?
Again, no right or wrong answer, but is this our biggest issue right now that is being ignored?


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  • Feb 8 2013: It is an issue but I don't believe it is because of global population.

    Unless you are speaking about the two most destructive populations.
    The population of pollution and the pollution of populations of all forms of life.

    Other than that, it was, is, and still remains to this day, the mismanagement of the world's resources, by allowing
    corporations, countries or even individuals to "own" something that is and should be "un-ownable" by anyone.

    If there was a Garden, earth was it. And it has been mismanaged. There is enough for all and was from the very beginning and it was all free, free for all as opposed to a "free-for-all" war.

    Climate is not responsible for thirst as a main culprit. It is mismanagement for money, profit and power over others.
    There are other issues that are involved merely to cloud the issue and keep people at odds with one another, fighting, killing, resource wars, pollution for profit and so on.

    A bigger and more important cause is politics and politicians.
    They haven't, don't and won't solve our problems because they don't intend to. Their power rides at the top of the
    fraudulent and failure-by-default monetary system, which cares nothing for economy - don't waste, spend frugally
    use wisely, save and share.

    Truth is the worlds resources belong to everyone and every form of life there is, and there was enough. There still is
    Mismanagement and fear-mongering keep telling us there isn't, so those that have will continue to fuck those who don't out of false fear.

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