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Is the warming of our planet a legitimate issue?

Let me first start this out by saying I don't know much about the whole global warming concern aside from the obvious, so I don't believe one side over the other.
My debate stems from something I saw online yesterday and thought it was somewhat interesting (at least for me): Is climate change an issue we will look back on with regret 10, or even 20 years from now? An issue that is bigger than our own national debt?
Again, no right or wrong answer, but is this our biggest issue right now that is being ignored?


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    Feb 8 2013: Regardless of the cause, this is a GIANT issue. Why? Because the global population has already exceeded our ability to sustain it. Combine that with the fiscal model that is now the norm for most of the globe, and you have mega corporations polluting the atmosphere - making what might have occurred naturally, intensify unnecessarily. Then you have mega farming corps destroying arable farmland each year through bad farming practices. They also pollute essential aquifers with their non-organic farming methods. Then there are the oil companies who use fracking that turns people's faucets into blow torches - more destroyed potable water. Now add burgeoning population to the mix.

    Right now, climate is responsible for hunger and thirst in parts of Africa and Asia, but it will not be long before the hunger hits the most powerful nations (US, UK, etc). As droughts destroy wheat fields and corn fields, (and as corn is used for fuel rather than food because it's price is better sustained that way), and as automation is destroying jobs daily, there will soon be no one with the ability to consume, and those farmers who still produce will not be able to afford to get their crops to market. (This happened in the Great Depression)

    It's not that climate change is more important than the national debt. It is that our fiscal paradigm is as much a threat to humanity's survival as climate change is. And they, along with the population boom, are a perfect storm. It's not the national debt that needs fixing. It is our monetary policy that rewards destruction of humankind's essential needs - clean air and water. We have passed the point of no return already. Now its just a matter of time.

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