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How are teens today different from their parents' generation? How will they change the way we do things?

I have a draft of a book about how global youth will transform our future and would like to add your observations. I can also send chapters if you'd like to critique. Specific examples of concepts are helpful.


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    Mar 4 2013: They have less health, less jobs, less education, less opportunities and more weight.
    • Mar 4 2013: As a global generation, they're more healthy and more educated. Yes, obesity and unemployment are big problems. I think we need to hear from someone in the generation we're discussing. Thanks.
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        Mar 5 2013: Read this after I posted... look up. I hope its helpful.
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        Mar 6 2013: 1st world countries may be more educated. The rest not at all.
        Obesity is changing the the life expectancy.

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