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How are teens today different from their parents' generation? How will they change the way we do things?

I have a draft of a book about how global youth will transform our future and would like to add your observations. I can also send chapters if you'd like to critique. Specific examples of concepts are helpful.


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  • Feb 11 2013: The teens of today will only be able to change things if they have "real freedom" to do so.
    If they have freedom, then it would be great if they are able to clean up, change and make right the horrible mess they are going to be left with.
    If I were them, I would be so angry I would want all previous generations to be killed, eliminated for the damage they have willingly and intentionally done to the earth, to each other, to their children and to their sanity.

    I forgot to mention. They also have to be sane and that doesn't look good right about now as mental illness is affecting over one half the U.S. population and is beginning at age eleven. Might be lower now.
    Close to twenty years go by before this mental illness is recognized, addressed and dealt with.

    If they make changes to their world while they are mentally ill or outright insane, who knows what it will look like.
    But, one can certainly imagine.

    I don't know for sure, but the younger generations are being taught how to be successful in corrupt systems.
    This means they will ultimately have to be corrupted themselves.
    They are not being educated in how to effectively change the almost completely broken system they currently are living in that is affecting their thinking in very negative and wrong ways. Ways that are not truthful.

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