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How are teens today different from their parents' generation? How will they change the way we do things?

I have a draft of a book about how global youth will transform our future and would like to add your observations. I can also send chapters if you'd like to critique. Specific examples of concepts are helpful.


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  • Feb 10 2013: Here are few of my observations, These are all my personal opinions gathered from my own experience. I dont have any studies to claim them, so it may seem unscientific to take some serious note of them... :) Also there are individual differences so a gross generalization is a difficult task-

    The upcoming generation of teens is cognitively superior than their parents during their teenage. It's mainly because of the kind of exposure they get during early age with the help of technology. They want everything to be done quickly and arent much willing to be patient to get something. They will fastly move on to something else in case of failure in one task as there are more choices available today than old times. So lack of persistence can be easily observed among them. They are becoming more individualistic and less dependent on their parents. At the same time, they are much open towards any change which is rationally acceptable to them. Todays teens are less prejudiced towards other communities and readily mix with people from different groups without much apprehensions. The number of pregnancies during teenage are rising rapidly, it reflects the favourable attitude of teenagers towards their instinctual behavior by denying the societal pressure. They are also more self centered.

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