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For our nation to issue its own currency and cease using the federal reserve or central bank model.

This video showcased to me the non-sense that some people can come up with using very pure and positive motivation: the motivation for our developed nations to get back on track and create new jobs and new opportunities. I commend the speaker of the video for his outside the box thinking but there are a whole lot of reasons why his ideas will surely never materialize in the US or UK. The biggest of which reasons would be because our currencies are printed by a central bank which automatically ensures our countries owe interests on the debts we accumulate. This system of debt-based fiat currency sponsors the current economy of stock market trading derivatives and the like. This top-down approach severely discourages financial innovation like this from the bottom up which is (from what I gather) the speaker is suggesting. Also both the UK and US Parliament/Congress respectively are far too corrupt to have funds appropriately go to such an idea because they have too many special interests to appease and fund first.


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  • Feb 7 2013: Why?
    Because that is why and how the Founding Fathers set it up in the first place.
    Congress already can and used to, print the U.S. currency, WITHOUT DEBT and according to
    Benjamin Franklin, that is the main reason for the Revolutionary War. King George didn't want us/US
    printing our own money, without debt and with freedom.

    Congress still can. Congress has been asked to. Congress has been pleaded with to do so.
    Congress has been commanded to return to that practice. In all cases, they have refused.

    Their interests are not the country or its citizens. In fact, they believe it is their country, solely theirs,
    and they profit and profit immensely from crime. That is all they are engaged in: criminal activity, running rampant,
    still on the loose and still wanting it all.

    It would be a step in the right direction but most likely would fail because the monetary system is a default-failure system to begin with.

    And someone asks, "why?" with what is going on, what has happened and what very well may happen and happen soon? Why?
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      Feb 7 2013: I do want to correct a small error in your understanding. That is not how the founding fathers wanted it set up. In fact, during the Constitutional Convention, it was agreed that the federal government would not have the power to establish charters that would allow such inventions to exist. Then, in an amazing coup d'etat, all was changed. The Constitution was overthrown by SOTUS in order to establish a national bank that was the birth of the downfall that we all seem to be experiencing.
      • Feb 10 2013: Okay. thanks for that. I'm not that smart or well-read on those kinds of issues.
        I believe Jackson disbanded the first national or central bank and warned the people to never let that happen again. But it did and they did and today, we do and we need to stop it.
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          Feb 10 2013: Yup. Jackson was as pissed as I am about the whole matter.

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