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For our nation to issue its own currency and cease using the federal reserve or central bank model.

This video showcased to me the non-sense that some people can come up with using very pure and positive motivation: the motivation for our developed nations to get back on track and create new jobs and new opportunities. I commend the speaker of the video for his outside the box thinking but there are a whole lot of reasons why his ideas will surely never materialize in the US or UK. The biggest of which reasons would be because our currencies are printed by a central bank which automatically ensures our countries owe interests on the debts we accumulate. This system of debt-based fiat currency sponsors the current economy of stock market trading derivatives and the like. This top-down approach severely discourages financial innovation like this from the bottom up which is (from what I gather) the speaker is suggesting. Also both the UK and US Parliament/Congress respectively are far too corrupt to have funds appropriately go to such an idea because they have too many special interests to appease and fund first.

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    Feb 11 2013: Have ya'll ever seen Pay it Forward? It has Haley-Joel Osment, child actor, and the message comes through a child's point of view, Where society would be much better if goods and services were paid forward rather than "paid back".
  • Feb 10 2013: Continued:
    Another lie about this situation is that humans will resort to violence, savagery and chaos because it is our nature. We are fed this lie daily with scenes from around the world and led to believe, “that is our nature!!” That is not true. We know our genes offer us choices on how to respond to our environment. If this "human nature" lie were true, then we wouldn't pitch in and help the victims of tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires and other disasters that happen. This other way, is also a choice and we as citizens usually take that one. And we do it world-wide.
    People are the ones who do the work. The U.S. Constitution is under severe attack but it is only words on papers. The people are the Constitution and it is our constitution that we apply to getting things done. We no longer need to obey some government that works against us. The same applies to corporations. It is the people who do the work. Same with the military. We are the species that does the work that provides for all others, in some direct or indirect way and it works better than any monetary "trickle-down" effect. We have to keep these things running because we need them all and the goods and services they produce and provide.
    That is our environment that we gauge to see whether or not it is going to, can or will provide what we need for life. We then respond accordingly. Without money, and with a new way of thinking and believing about that condition, we can solve our problems. Those who have been entrusted to do the solving have utterly failed and will continue to do so because the failure to do so is how they profit, so their intentions are not to solve our problems. Only theirs. As Jacque Fresco put it, "this shit has got to go."
    The thinking of people who believe these lies is directly affected and directed to further perpetuate and support the lies. This comes out in what they say and thus that is one of the first things they do.
  • Feb 10 2013: No need to create new jobs. They are there and waiting for us.
    This will sound foolish but here goes.

    I believe in getting rid of monetary systems altogether. I have broached this to individuals who are much more intelligent, more educated and way more successful in life than I have been. They react with disdain, disgust, and dismiss the idea quickly. Sometimes they ask a question to which I have asked one back. The one I ask the most is this, "Do you believe that if the global economy completely collapsed, money was worthless and there was none around, that you wouldn't get hungry any more?" The answer I have always gotten is a defiant, confident, "yes!"
    Now, I think that sounds crazier than the concept of a different system that doesn't rely, depend or revolve around money.
    The answer made me remember something Jacque Fresco said he noticed when he was a boy (about 17) and the depression was setting in. He said he didn't understand it because the factories were there, the machines for whatever were present and in fine working condition, the resources were there or available and the people, the most important part, were also available but not there, because of money.

    I keep saying this and will continue to do so.
    Things don't.........."get done"..........because of money.
    Things ............"don't get done".......because of money.
    Yet nothing costs money. Every thing costs people, yet people continue to believe the lie that money is more valuable than people. Money does nothing. People do.

    I really believe that if we begin thinking in new ways, which means totally abandoning or letting go of old ideas in order to do so, and keep spreading these new ideas, that if and when the global economy dies we can do what money blocks us from doing. Finally, we will solve our problems. Certain things must be done and without money blocking them, we can do them. To believe we will lose all motivation is a lie meant to keep money alive. Money needs us. We don't need it. Cont
  • Feb 10 2013: Of course, the issue of currency is a difficult charge to reconcile in an easy manner. There have been many writers, thinkers, politicians and futurists that agree upon a mono-currency for the world sometime in the future. The question today is then about how we will develop a national infrastructure for currency regulation, so that a mono-currency would adapt accordingly to each national modality. I describe the problem in this way to suggest that a devised system of scale for currency is necessary before the consideration of interest-bearing loans or the size of any debt.

    Imagine that scale is the issue of management and regulation for financial considerations --person to person, city to city, state to state, nation to nation. In each category, the fiscal-transactions are regulated based on the scale of "borrower" and "loaner", not the dollar amounts. This designation of scale can afford a greater degree of accountability of the monies necessary for civil-needs, as well as internalize the management of each expense with a new criteria.

    Bernie Madoff said that "if the national economy was an oil-tanker, the entire ship was filled with oil instead of individual barrels". The designation of currency-types could also benefit fiscal accountability even further; imagine if there was a currency for energy, health, education, entertainment, food and rent. Each individual would carry a certain type of currency more than another, as would each city and state. It would become quickly obvious what is being spent more and what is being spent less. Furthermore, the prejudice of class and wealth would become too complex and personal a matter, hopefully rendering each individual's spending habit as a true lifestyle choice --better meals rather than higher-education and so forth. Each city and state would have a city-style or state-style based on these currencies.

    You should watch "Fixing the Future", a PBS program. It describes functioning sattelite-banking systems today.
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    Feb 8 2013: I propose that there be a prerequisite for commenting on this post. Anyone who wishes to comment must swear they have read G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature From Jekyll Island. Just as a teaser:QUOTE: "Seven Reasons To Abolish The Federal Reserve-1. It cannot possibly accomplish its stated goals.2. It is a cartel opposed to public interest.3. It is the supreme instrument of usury.4. It generates our most unfair tax.5. It encourages war.6. It destabilizes the economy.7. It is an instrument of totalitarianism."Thank you!
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    Feb 7 2013: do you happen to know ron paul's proposal, the freedom of currency act?
    • Feb 8 2013: No.
      I will look into it. Thanks for it.
      I do have a certain respect for him, though I find it extremely difficult to now believe anything that comes from a politicians mouth.
      I have become very cynical, I guess. When I was young I wanted to be a Saint or a Sinner and
      I wound up a Cynic.
      I say things, blurt them really and then cringe later. I am neither intelligent nor smart and all is a challenge.

      Gonna Google it now. OH, no. Gonna ixquick it now. They say they don't track or record your internet searches.

      By the way, have you noticed or experienced that more videos, stories and such that are inquisitive, searching and probing for the truth are nowhere to be found anymore on the internet?
  • Feb 7 2013: Why?
    Because that is why and how the Founding Fathers set it up in the first place.
    Congress already can and used to, print the U.S. currency, WITHOUT DEBT and according to
    Benjamin Franklin, that is the main reason for the Revolutionary War. King George didn't want us/US
    printing our own money, without debt and with freedom.

    Congress still can. Congress has been asked to. Congress has been pleaded with to do so.
    Congress has been commanded to return to that practice. In all cases, they have refused.

    Their interests are not the country or its citizens. In fact, they believe it is their country, solely theirs,
    and they profit and profit immensely from crime. That is all they are engaged in: criminal activity, running rampant,
    still on the loose and still wanting it all.

    It would be a step in the right direction but most likely would fail because the monetary system is a default-failure system to begin with.

    And someone asks, "why?" with what is going on, what has happened and what very well may happen and happen soon? Why?
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      Gail .

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      Feb 7 2013: I do want to correct a small error in your understanding. That is not how the founding fathers wanted it set up. In fact, during the Constitutional Convention, it was agreed that the federal government would not have the power to establish charters that would allow such inventions to exist. Then, in an amazing coup d'etat, all was changed. The Constitution was overthrown by SOTUS in order to establish a national bank that was the birth of the downfall that we all seem to be experiencing.
      • Feb 10 2013: Okay. thanks for that. I'm not that smart or well-read on those kinds of issues.
        I believe Jackson disbanded the first national or central bank and warned the people to never let that happen again. But it did and they did and today, we do and we need to stop it.
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          Gail .

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          Feb 10 2013: Yup. Jackson was as pissed as I am about the whole matter.
  • Feb 7 2013: Why?