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For our nation to issue its own currency and cease using the federal reserve or central bank model.

This video showcased to me the non-sense that some people can come up with using very pure and positive motivation: the motivation for our developed nations to get back on track and create new jobs and new opportunities. I commend the speaker of the video for his outside the box thinking but there are a whole lot of reasons why his ideas will surely never materialize in the US or UK. The biggest of which reasons would be because our currencies are printed by a central bank which automatically ensures our countries owe interests on the debts we accumulate. This system of debt-based fiat currency sponsors the current economy of stock market trading derivatives and the like. This top-down approach severely discourages financial innovation like this from the bottom up which is (from what I gather) the speaker is suggesting. Also both the UK and US Parliament/Congress respectively are far too corrupt to have funds appropriately go to such an idea because they have too many special interests to appease and fund first.


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  • Feb 10 2013: Continued:
    Another lie about this situation is that humans will resort to violence, savagery and chaos because it is our nature. We are fed this lie daily with scenes from around the world and led to believe, “that is our nature!!” That is not true. We know our genes offer us choices on how to respond to our environment. If this "human nature" lie were true, then we wouldn't pitch in and help the victims of tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires and other disasters that happen. This other way, is also a choice and we as citizens usually take that one. And we do it world-wide.
    People are the ones who do the work. The U.S. Constitution is under severe attack but it is only words on papers. The people are the Constitution and it is our constitution that we apply to getting things done. We no longer need to obey some government that works against us. The same applies to corporations. It is the people who do the work. Same with the military. We are the species that does the work that provides for all others, in some direct or indirect way and it works better than any monetary "trickle-down" effect. We have to keep these things running because we need them all and the goods and services they produce and provide.
    That is our environment that we gauge to see whether or not it is going to, can or will provide what we need for life. We then respond accordingly. Without money, and with a new way of thinking and believing about that condition, we can solve our problems. Those who have been entrusted to do the solving have utterly failed and will continue to do so because the failure to do so is how they profit, so their intentions are not to solve our problems. Only theirs. As Jacque Fresco put it, "this shit has got to go."
    The thinking of people who believe these lies is directly affected and directed to further perpetuate and support the lies. This comes out in what they say and thus that is one of the first things they do.

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