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Financial Education?

When do we teach our children about Money?

In today’s financial crises many are going through tough times while others are making themselves a fortune. If the way that education system teaches our young generation about economy and finance, what stopped them from seeing what was coming when they "knew" all about finance and economy?

What do today’s youth know about money and money management, apart from being the biggest consumers of all time?

Through my experience in dealing with youth I hardly see any young teenager who does truly cares what’s going on in today’s financial world. (not to mention the adults who do not care to watch the financial news on TV during the NEWS)

How can we bring to their awareness of fair trade and educate them how to be smart with their own economy?


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    Feb 9 2013: Ed...I started teaching kids and teens about money in 2002 and realized quickly on that money simply wasn't relevant to most of them...they just didn't need to know about it and understand it...YET.

    I knew that I had to make it interesting and also fun and I also knew that it needed to simulate money in the real world so at least they would get some experiential practice with how it works when you approach adulthood.

    When I created The Money Game...a physically active financial education game where the kids literally work for paychecks, learn to pay their bills, learn to pay themselves first, learn to invest in assets that then pay them passive income and, oh yes, events happen!

    The game of money is quite simple but learning the rules and practicing the rules is anything but because, as I mentioned before, money is one of the most emotional substances on the planet.

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