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What is the purpose of war?

What do we, as humans, hope to accomplish through wars? Throughout history we've used war as a tool to settle disputes, but the victor of these disputes was only crowned after all of the opposition had been killed. It seems as though war isn't necessarily a tool of change, rather a weapon for destruction that breeds hatred, violence, and lies.
With that said, there's still wars being fought all around the World with massive casualties by the hour. But why are we still fighting? Is it really a useful agent for change or is it genocide?

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    Feb 7 2013: Greed
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    Feb 6 2013: Good question. Let's try to imagine wars being fought with soldiers who volunteer for a cause, not paid at all. Do you think we would still be fighting?
    • Feb 6 2013: no, because all wars, since the history of mankind, were about economy, land and power over one another.
      but what if two kids are fight, who pays them to fight?
  • Mar 6 2013: I see war as an effect and not as a cause, as an ugly result of a tough debate. I'm so ready to live in a planet where we can solve our differences without killing each other.
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    Mar 4 2013: Profit
  • Feb 19 2013: So Job prayed to go to the grave ( sheol) why pray to go there if it was a place of torment or fire? Jesus mentioned Gehennah as a place of destruction anything went into it never came was a literal place ,a rubbish dump that burned day and night and the people of Jerusalem through all their dead dogs and rubbish there to be consumed. Jesus likened Gehennah to the lake of fire in Reveation where death and hell will be hurled into at the end. How can death and hell be burned in hell itself? it cant.. the lake of fire is a SYMBOL of complete distruction, in other words death and the grave will never exist anymore, they will be done away with. Jesus went to a tomb when he died he was buried and rose on the 3rd day. where was he ? he was in the same place everyone else who died was ... buried in their graves simple as that. The word hell translates into many places and states depending what bible translation you have but the truth is simply that "hell" is the common grave of man, where he is asleep and depending on his life course God can resurrect him from at a later point in time. God told Adam he would die It was Satan who told him you will not positively die, so then when after 900 or so years when Adam eventually died was the devil proved a liar? No because he had to invent a story to cover his first lie , he said you dont really die you just go on living somewhere else, your soul lives on after death. Nowhere in any Bible that I have read does it say that man has an immortal soul, in fact it says he has a mortal soul. If man had an immortal soul he wouldnt need saving at all. Ezek 18v4 Man Is a mortal soul. When you see a human you may say look at that poor old soul, your looking at the person, the things that make you you. The way you do things the way you smile your emotions its all you the person , your soul so when you die it is the end of your existence.
  • Feb 19 2013: Okay.. so what happens at death? where do we go when we die? Ecc9 v5 ,10 dead are conscious of nothing,.. when Jesus resurrected Lazarus he said I am going to awaken him from his sleep, his unconscious state. he likened death to sleep. where were all the faithful that lived before Jesus s time? they were definitely not in heaven nor paradise. because Acts 2 says Jesus was the first resurrected from the dead ( to heaven) even David had NOT yet ascended. so where were all the souls of the faithful.?
    Okay when God created humans he breathed into him the breath of life and he BECAME a living soul, so without breath he would be a dead soul. Genesis says that the birds of the air ARE souls. Noah took all the living souls into the ark including animals. God did not put a soul into Adam when he created him. like a candle flame when it goes out where does it go, like a light bulb in your home where does it go? the answer is it ceases to exist...simple it is no more. it has no energy or power. you control the power because you can either turn on the lightswitch or light the candle with a match you yourself are in control of the power to make it work. the light goes back to your control and when you wish it you can restore it. well thats the same as the spirit it goes no where but it is in Gods control if he ever wishes to resurrect you the person again. see Ezekiel 18v4 " the soul can die" it does not live on after you die. death is the opposite of life isnt it. God in his own time then can restore you from death as shown by Jesus after he died. Where is hell? do bad souls or people go there? According to some Bibles hell was many places. it was in a belly of a fish ( a Whale?) Jonah said " out of the belly of hell i cried" so where was he ? he was buried or en tombed in that fish. A good and faithful man Job even prayed to go there, "oh that in sheol you would hide me and keep me secret there until your anger turns back and then remember me.....
  • Feb 19 2013: Identifying marks of the TRUE christian. 1. no involvement in war, Jesus said you will know my people by the love they have among themselves. Do people of your religion kill. are they in an army, are they soldiers? do they meddle in the politics of war? Catholics in Germany killed catholics in England and USA during the wars were they right? members of Christendom killed many other members of Christendom, protestants killed protestants, it didnt matter who you were if you went to war it was against Gods word.
    2. Christians are close followers of Jesus Christ.. footstep followers! Jesus said in the Gospels to seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness. What is that Kingdom you know the one we pray for in the Lords prayer. Have you honestly broke it down and really thought of what Jesus was praying for there? Ok our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name! what name? what is the name of the Almighty God , what is the kingdom thats going to came. when will Gods will be done on earth for it is not being done yet. The order in which the prayer is set out is one of importance. Gods name was slandered in Eden by the devil, his right to rule was in question. we all by our actions either prove or disprove that fact that we are upholding his right as sovereign or not. Jesus said he that is not with me is against me so there is no sitting on the fence when it comes to judicial matters with God. The king James bible shows in Ps 83v18 what Gods name is. His name has been removed from many bibles and it has been substituted with titles like Lord,God, Father but God has a PERSONAL name, every thing in life has even your pets have names so what is Gods name? He who calls on the name of God will be saved, interestingly why has that name been removed form the scriptures? Why not put it back in there where it should appear about 7000 times and give God the glory he deserves.
    Knowing Gods personal name is another identifying mark of a follower of Jesus. ....
  • Feb 19 2013: I was born in Northern Ireland and always wondered why does God allow so many unnecessary deaths , wars and famines. Why does he permit wickedness and injustice, why do babies die, why do the innocent suffer? Big Big questions but it took me nearly 50 years to find the answer to those questions. 50 yrs of searching many many books , religions and faiths to get the answer. If I was God I would have stepped in long ago and sorted this all out.... but hey hang on didnt he do that once? when he got to see that the hearts of the sons of men were only bad all the time, he instructed a man called Noah to build a boat (ark) to take the faithful one to safety when he deluged the earth in water. What was destroyrd there and what was saved has great meaning for us today. that earth was Not destroyed only the wicked people in it were. God in the garden of eden intended Man to LIVE forever when he made him, not to live 70 or so years and then die. God put Adam on earth, if he wanted humans to live in heaven he would have put them THERE. ok he told Adam if you are diobedient you will die so, the opposite would have been true, if Adam had been loyal and not touched the tree.... he would have been alive today!!! God would not have killed him for nothing!! So it WAS Gods intentions then to have humans live forever on earth. Ps37v29, 10,11 Mat 5v5 Adams sin did not in any way alter his plans for humankind. It did mean though that he allowed time to pass to see if man could manage without him , so he stayed away from controlling what was going on in the earth. He allowed man to rule over man. to what effect? Ecc8v9 man has dominated man to his injury!. Faithful people were saved in Noah s day and God said that the end would be the same as Noahs time. Men would be taking no note of the truth till the end came and destroyed them all. Only the righteous were saved. who are they? lets identify them..1. Isaiah 2v4 " they will learn war no more" a people who have no part in war
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    Gail .

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    Feb 7 2013: At it's core, it's bullying, or genocide where bullying fails. BUT - in TODAY'S culture, it is a tool for growing the otherwise collapsing economy. But a war-based economy is unsustainable at its core, so the chickens will come home to roost. We just don't know when.
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    Feb 7 2013: The purpose of war depends on the warring sides. Sometimes wars are senseless, nothing but two sides allowing themselves to be pawns in the hands of arms companies. Sometimes wars are just, that is, a side that is in pursuit of a right and just cause, against an evil opposition.
    Sometimes it is just a war between two evil sides.
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      Feb 7 2013: If humanity is a living being, war is the death gene with which it is born.
  • Feb 6 2013: a few months ago I asked a question to TEDsters, "Are we doomed to fight?" and how we can solve this problem.

    it is obvious that in many cases, there there are two parties arguing over one issues and misunderstanding/misbehaviour/etc can lead to a conflict instead of a resolution. what most people do not to is they simply do not take a third side's position to look at the situation from a different perspective ... by asking themselves: what do WE (two parties together) want to achieve?

    I recommend you to watch Dr William Ury's talk on TED
    and find out more about Marshal Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication