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Spread the word on the "Pink Gun Law" petition

Actually it's not my idea. But I find it brilliant:

and I can't put it into better words than the petitioners of this petition, open for signing until Feb 28:

Require that all Civilian Firearms be Painted Pink
Regulation of specific types of guns may be well- intentioned, but until we confront the underlying psychological and social issues that feed the violence, these laws will have little effect. The fact is that in America, guns have become potent cultural symbols of machismo, masculinity and power.

Therefore, we propose that every civilian firearm in America be painted a shade of bright pink over no less than 90% of their exposed surface areas.

We believe this simple act will fundamentally change the dynamic of American gun culture while still passing Constitutional scrutiny. All will be free to legally buy guns-just so long as they are Fabulous.


please discuss here, sign there...


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  • Feb 7 2013: Guns represent protection to me, not as you put it:
    " guns have become potent cultural symbols of machismo, masculinity and power."

    They represent that there still is a modicum of freedom from tyranny in the country.
    But only a modicum. When freedoms are gone, I will make sure my gun isn't.

    That isn't being "macho", "masculine" or "power for the sake of power".
    It is being smart, rational, sober, serious and not lying to myself about what is going on.

    Do not speak for me.
    You do not speak for me.
    • Feb 7 2013: As I said, pink guns support the second amendment, which essentially is what you're talking about: the right to bear guns. To protect you and to prevent tyranny.

      Or would you say that a gun, once painted pink, will no longer protect you?

      For the case that freedoms are gone, and a tyranny is in place, freedom of speech is gone, freedom of education is gone and freedom of religion is gone, I'm pretty sure The Underground (TM) won't care about gun laws (anymore).

      So the key question in the America of today is not tyranny, it's protection.

      And the question is: will a pink gun protect you?

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