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Spread the word on the "Pink Gun Law" petition

Actually it's not my idea. But I find it brilliant:

and I can't put it into better words than the petitioners of this petition, open for signing until Feb 28:

Require that all Civilian Firearms be Painted Pink
Regulation of specific types of guns may be well- intentioned, but until we confront the underlying psychological and social issues that feed the violence, these laws will have little effect. The fact is that in America, guns have become potent cultural symbols of machismo, masculinity and power.

Therefore, we propose that every civilian firearm in America be painted a shade of bright pink over no less than 90% of their exposed surface areas.

We believe this simple act will fundamentally change the dynamic of American gun culture while still passing Constitutional scrutiny. All will be free to legally buy guns-just so long as they are Fabulous.


please discuss here, sign there...


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    Feb 6 2013: OK, the fact that I have always wanted a pink AR-15 this sounds like fun to me!

    The precedence is already set. Many ranges will paint their practice guns a specific color so instructors and staff know when a weapon is not of their issue. In closed ranges, specific permission must be obtained to bring in a weapon that is not issued by the range and typically the guns in those ranges are also painted. So if all legal issue guns were painted pink, law enforcement would know which ones were not legal. At least until the bad guys buy some pink spray paint...

    Maybe some fragrance scented gunpowder?? Vanilla?? Lavender?? Hmmmm
    • Feb 6 2013: a pink AR-15 like this one :) ?

      You're describing an interesting use of color in ranges.

      I'm not sure that was what the petitioners had in mind though. I think it's not about making illegal guns 'visible'. I think it was about some attitude around weapons.

      Weapons should be a sports utility, and a last resort tool in self defense and protection. Neither of these uses needs a marked status symbol, symbolizing power, control, superiority. Those who abuse weapons brag about with them.

      Now. Rambo with this one: http://www.andreahasler.com/ongoing/untitled

      Shooting ranges and hunting and biathlon work great with pink guns. Self defence, too. Bragging? Identify yourself with that pink monster? Less so, that's the plan :)
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        Feb 6 2013: That's the one! I want the Hello Kitty issued AR! I have shoes and a bag to match :)

        The Rambo is a little too Dolly Parton for me but it would work in certain situations. But the bling would hurt my hand after an afternoon at the range.

        I doubt simple color will change bad guy attitude. Interesting Idea but I really doubt it. I think the pink stereotype will change before bad guys wont use guns.

        Real working guns are not pretty. Real people who work with guns don't brag about them. (Maybe about themselves but it is never the gun that is important.)
        • Feb 6 2013: That's exactly the point: Real people who work with guns don't brag about them!

          People who *work* with guns exist in any country. They most of the time really are careful with the gun, with access to it, they know how harmful it can be. They usually are responsible gun owners. To them, the color doesn't matter. It's a tool, for a purpose.

          The core idea is the others: Will weapons loose appeal to them, if they loose the martial appearance?

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