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Is polygamy wrong taking in consideration that we accept same sex marriages now?

G’day TED Freinds

I have seen so many couples break up because one or the other has fallen for another person but the married couple still love each other, I’m not talking about lust here either but love. I suppose jealousy plays a part here but should it?


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    Feb 7 2013: G’day Friends of TED

    In reading these replies we do seem to be in an agreement that it would be OK however as pointed out any divorce proceedings would be nightmarish, I’m surprised the legal constabulary hasn’t pushed for polygamist marriages to be made lawful in this case because boy wouldn’t they win out.

    There are a number of other implications as well like with wills, tax’s, social welfare & so on, however if works I suppose the nightmares are worth it. I could imagine what this would teach me if my wife took on another partner, tolerance, goodwill, devotion, sincerity & so on, I would be a totally different person than what I am now!!!

    I do agree with Gordon if women & men where forced or expected to enter into polygamist relationships through religious or other forms of ideologies against their will that this shouldn’t ever be accepted like it is in some other cultures in the world even today.

    I was brought up in a Christian community & if you mentioned polygamy you were put down & same sex marriages weren’t even discussed, I suppose we would have been burnt at the stake if we mentioned same sex marriages in my time growing up, isn’t it funny how tolerant & less conflictive we have become!!!


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