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Is polygamy wrong taking in consideration that we accept same sex marriages now?

G’day TED Freinds

I have seen so many couples break up because one or the other has fallen for another person but the married couple still love each other, I’m not talking about lust here either but love. I suppose jealousy plays a part here but should it?


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    Feb 6 2013: How do you see polygamy and same-sex marriage to be related or connected?
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      Feb 6 2013: G’day Fritzie

      The connection is if you allow same sex marriages how or would the authorities have the right to stop someone legally marrying more than one partner which would also go for same sex couples?

      • Feb 6 2013: If you allowed multiple female partners to a single male, multiple male partners to a single female or multiple males to multiple females I don't believe that the world will end, the family unit will wither and die and the sun will continue to rise (or appear to) in the east.

        I think my opinion is therefore "who cares".
        It will certainly give the lawyers lots of work in straightening out divorces and property settlements.

        The operative word here is "consenting". Many of the polygamy marriages now are based on religious orders where consent seems to be missing.
        For that, I have no patience and would not allow.

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