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Is polygamy wrong taking in consideration that we accept same sex marriages now?

G’day TED Freinds

I have seen so many couples break up because one or the other has fallen for another person but the married couple still love each other, I’m not talking about lust here either but love. I suppose jealousy plays a part here but should it?


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    Feb 6 2013: G’day Linda & Michael

    I’m not sure myself how I would handle another partner however I have discussed this with my wife, as I do of many things that enter my warped mind, & I said to her if I was going to lose her over someone else I would accept her having another partner however I too must get along with her other partner as well of course.

    I don’t suffer with jealousy too much so I suppose for me it would be accepted. I know of a bloke with two partners who are with him at the same time & I know of a few women with various partners as well of course these women are wrongly called sluts in my mind which is another discussion.

    Would these same authorities who allow same sex marriage have the right to jail you for polygamy? In Australia if something like this went to court the authorities would have a hard time of it because being prejudice in anyway is frowned upon in this country.


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