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Legislature per diem and lodging reductions federal and state

Arizona has proposed a $164 a day lodging allowance for its 90 lawmakers for the 120 days they are in session and extra for the days they are called in special session. They also get $60 per day for per diem.

This got me thinking: $164X90X120=$1,771,200 per 120 days for lodging. Further they get $60 per day per diem 60X90X120= $648,000 per 120 days. That is a total of $2,419,200 every 120 days.

I would be willing to bet that a local Phoenix hotel would be willing to contract 90 rooms and a maximum of 270 meals for a set period of 120 days while in session for $150 each. $150X90X120= $1,620,000. Resulting in a $799,200 savings. Since this is guarenteed booking I would bet that they could get the deal at $125 per head. $125X90X120= $1,350,000. Resulting in a savings of $1,049,200. If put out for bid the savings could even be greater.

New Hampshire has the most legislators with 424 and Nebraska the least with 49.

1.5 million may seem small to people who spend trillions but to me, the guy that is footing the bill, that is a hunk of change that could be put to use in the education budget.

The state could even buy a hotel and use this money as a payment plus rent out the rest of the rooms for a continuing profit. That would be a good investment as all state employees traveling to Phoenix would be required to stay there.

So I challenge you to find other ways to save in your state and find good and bad about this suggestion at state and even federal level.

We can use the comments to propose change within each of our states. The power of TED minds for the greater good.