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Should employers not hire you or fire you when they discover your bad credit history?

It has been a sad situation for me and many others in the USA (I don't know if this is an issue worldwide) I have great qualifications and work experience. Yet, in the majority of states you are obligated to submit to a criminal background check which is completely understandable, but that also includes a credit check. I understand that a credit check should be mandatory for executive, banking, casinos and industries directly involving money. Sadly, those of us with bad credit are being discriminated for regular jobs i.e. retail, call centers, customer service.

The government, banks and debt collectors wants their money, as they should. Yet, if you have bad credit, it's a lot harder to find a job making it impossible to get out of debt, let alone be a productive citizen.

This is an issue that is not widely discussed, I've searched online and there are some bills being proposed to end this discrimination but I don't think is really going anywhere.

I would like to have the TED community input in the most civil way possible.


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  • Feb 12 2013: I don't believe established bad credit should allow employers to dictate if a person should be hired or fire. Everyone at some point in their life will find themselves in a bind and in some kind of debt. Given the times we are living in it is very likely some individuals end up with bad credit. If a person has the credentials to perform the job why should they be penalized for having bad credit. Some say bad credit reflects poor business conduct when one is to meet deadlines or handle work related issues, I beg the differ. Many individuals are quite the opposite. I too was not able to attain a job because of my bad credit history. It was debt I created when I was younger and had a tough time paying off. I have raked in the top 5% at my job for performance 4 years in a row. Why should a bad credit rap sheet dictate an employer to hire me?

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