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Should employers not hire you or fire you when they discover your bad credit history?

It has been a sad situation for me and many others in the USA (I don't know if this is an issue worldwide) I have great qualifications and work experience. Yet, in the majority of states you are obligated to submit to a criminal background check which is completely understandable, but that also includes a credit check. I understand that a credit check should be mandatory for executive, banking, casinos and industries directly involving money. Sadly, those of us with bad credit are being discriminated for regular jobs i.e. retail, call centers, customer service.

The government, banks and debt collectors wants their money, as they should. Yet, if you have bad credit, it's a lot harder to find a job making it impossible to get out of debt, let alone be a productive citizen.

This is an issue that is not widely discussed, I've searched online and there are some bills being proposed to end this discrimination but I don't think is really going anywhere.

I would like to have the TED community input in the most civil way possible.


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    Feb 7 2013: I would think a bad credit history is a black mark on your character.
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      Feb 7 2013: This is a immensely generalized way of thinking...again, it's not what you think of a person due to their credit, it's whether they are a good potential employee or not. Bad credit does not automatically black-mark a person's character, you don't even know the circumstances (*not reasons) they got in debt in the first place.
      • Feb 8 2013: In the interview you should broach the subject before they find out. Then tell them the circumstances if it isn't due to any personal deficiencies.
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        Feb 8 2013: Well, Mykle, I've never been in a position to hire anyone, I've always been an employee. From what I know, in most cases people got into debt for "unhealthy" reasons. However, I love your point, that one still might inquire about the circumstances under which one gets into debt. But also from what I know, if you find yourself unable to pay your debts and it's through no fault of your own, there are mechanisms to deal with that where you end up with a clean record. So if someone has a bad credit history, I'd be pretty suspicious. Of course when you hire someone you weigh a million factors.

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