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Should employers not hire you or fire you when they discover your bad credit history?

It has been a sad situation for me and many others in the USA (I don't know if this is an issue worldwide) I have great qualifications and work experience. Yet, in the majority of states you are obligated to submit to a criminal background check which is completely understandable, but that also includes a credit check. I understand that a credit check should be mandatory for executive, banking, casinos and industries directly involving money. Sadly, those of us with bad credit are being discriminated for regular jobs i.e. retail, call centers, customer service.

The government, banks and debt collectors wants their money, as they should. Yet, if you have bad credit, it's a lot harder to find a job making it impossible to get out of debt, let alone be a productive citizen.

This is an issue that is not widely discussed, I've searched online and there are some bills being proposed to end this discrimination but I don't think is really going anywhere.

I would like to have the TED community input in the most civil way possible.


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  • Feb 8 2013: As an international student in Canada i too have though about the exact same question as you did, another question on a similar moral was that if you find mentally depressed people why would N Americans avoid and ignore the person as much as they can, especially when they know that depressed people need to be cheered up with more friends not more loneliness....

    Why is it also true that the worst performing races are never given more special attention so that they can improve and compete with the rest of us.

    Why is also true that when one shows true gangster behavior, society chooses not to react and continues allowing it to continue instead of correcting the person and changing the culture of the entire neighborhood....

    The US govt has over the past 50 yrs given up to $2tn to the African continent, yet none of the nations have made any major progress, but yet the US govt keeps doing the same thing, at the same time the same govt is able to send men to the moon successfully by not repeating the same mistakes again and again but with aiding poor nations, the US keeps making huge mistakes. Its also very funny that the US has the top businesses in the world and they make good decisions, but when it comes to aid the same mistakes are not being fixed by the top businessmen.

    Mykle, there are too many questions that do not have the sound logic we require, our govt is a representation of what we have allowed it to be, because it has all gone out of hand a thorough change is necessary, if the change does not come from within then the people shall revolt seeking freedom from mediocre legislation such as the ones I have mentioned.

    ooh I also forgot to add the gun laws.... sorry my comment does not answer any questions, but is presented so that you are provoked in to thinking what is wrong with us and society around us. We are ever becoming less human and more of mere consumers who are shielded away from the govts corrupt practices.
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      Feb 8 2013: Wow...Kunal, your comment is greatly appreciated. Very sound and logical I might add.The analogy with depression is a excellent metaphor and base for comparison.

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