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Human rights and philosophy should be taught in school!

As a member of the Sudanese community, where human rights are constantly violated and where people, mostly the younger generations, do not tend to engage in critical issues affecting the whole nation, I believe that Education should be changed and transformed into teaching the students how to think philosophically and lay the foundation for that since nursery school, rather than indoctrinating them with ideologies and beliefs that would just dull their minds and make them incapable of questioning things, and taking initiative to find solutions to problems.
Many people here are very unaware of their rights, know nothing about vital issues like economics, for example, and completely oblivious to what's written in the Constitution.


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    Feb 8 2013: philosophy may lead to a mind thats able to critique others thoughts and ones self..but if you wish to create skills regarding how to petition a government or organize a peaceful resistance...and which philosophy is a problem,,,,why not just teach the history of poor judgement and behaviour within govt. and what individuals did to change these events. There are numerous examples of govt. error and methods for getting things done...it would be a plus for women too ,thay were involved in many humanitarian events...where philosophy isnt flowing over with fondness for females. We have many graduates of philosophy who are inefficient at standing against poor government policy...the rational for supporting the rights to be safe and engaged and have self esteem,and what is "real" isnt philosophies strongest interest..but Marcus Garvey knew his rights, they may be a quicker study for young minds..just an idea
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      Feb 16 2013: Yea, teaching young students the history of the world in a political context along with teaching them human rights and philosophy will make them fully prepared to be future leaders :)
      I also think that teaching students about the different types of governments and the various political ideologies existent is really essential; today's generation know nothing about these things.
      I like the idea :)

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