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If money was out of the equation, what would you spend the rest of your life doing?

Would you do the job you are currently doing for free? (Assuming the need for money did not exist?)

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    Feb 6 2013: I would focus my time helping to improve autism treatment and awareness, both for my son individually, and for all people and families affected by it.
  • Feb 8 2013: I would travel the world, I'v never gotten to travel outside of the states, hopefully I will someday.
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    Feb 7 2013: Kind of funny, because the way of life that interests me the most is self-sufficiency, where you grow your own food, build your own house, etc. Technically living this way you wouldn't use money.
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      Feb 8 2013: I like this kind of life style too Greg. When we are a little more self-sufficient, we are busy with the tasks of everyday living. My friends and I do a lot of bartering. In the summer, I'm busy in the gardens, growing food, and in the winter, busy hauling, stacking wood for the wood burning stoves, which need to be kept stoked......while I'm making much of my own food from garden veggies that were frozen. It gives me pleasure to not always be dependant on money for sustenance. Right now, I'm taking care of my neighbor's house and cat while they are traveling. He (age 82) supplies me with an abundance of wood for the stoves:>)
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        Feb 8 2013: I am out of thumbs up for you, but this is a beautiful image.
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          Feb 8 2013: It is a beautiful life Fritzie.....challenges and all!

          Did you notice my response to one of your comments in this other discussion? It was so far removed from your comment, I thought you might not catch it.

          I feel that it is connected to this discussion. Well......I see EVERYTHING as connected...LOL. I'm having fun today making roasted garlic bread, keeping the fires burning, and watching the beautiful snow fall:>)
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        Feb 8 2013: You know, Colleen, I may idealize this lifestyle, when you actually describe it it sounds like a lot of work. Do you just drop into bed at the end of the day? Or maybe it's exhilirating?
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          Feb 8 2013: Hi Greg,
          It is work/play...all a matter of perception and preference.....I LOVE it, and it's both exhilarating and exhausting:>)

          I don't have to pay to go to a gym for fact, for errands around town I bike or walk whenever possible. I also take time to bike/hike/ kayak in summer and ski in winter with my buddies. I don't have any trouble at all sleeping!!! LOL!

          My life is simple and enjoyable, I don't have or need much money, I DO have a LOT of happiness/contentment. So, for me, it's a win/win/win work/play:>)
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        Feb 8 2013: I had missed your reply. I didn't mean the feeling you highlight is hard to come by. I meant that for some people it seems contradictory to live with a positive sense of ones life while also dealing with the struggles and challenges we may confront or to which we may be commited with great energy.
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          Feb 8 2013: I agree Fritzie,
          That's why I don't "struggle"

          I know it seems like a silly little usage of words, and I am aware that with our words, we program our mind. Change the words we use, we change our thinking, which may change our perceptions and feelings, which may change the life adventure for us...or's a choice:>)
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    Feb 6 2013: Right now I'm working as an assistant preschool teacher as a way to save up money for college, if I didn't have to worry about money it would give me an opportunity to get involved with something that I'm really passionate about. I know it sounds crazy, but I want to change the world. To spur positive change throughout is what I want to do with my life. When it comes to society as a whole there's lots of room for improvement, there are so many individuals all across the globe who want to help but without the financial means to do so. It saddens me to know that money is one of the only things standing in the way of progress. We can do so much better than this!

    I like the idea of a world with out money, Jacque Fresco developed the term Resource Based Economy which is "a holistic socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude". I think what this guy is doing is really cool, if it's something you want to look into you can find out more at:
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      Feb 6 2013: wow, it was at least a month with no mentioning of the venus project. i started to forget about it.
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        Feb 6 2013: You are not counting, then, the often apparent zeitgeist movie-inspired versions of economics ad history but without specific attribution?
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          Feb 6 2013: do not ruin my mood :)
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          Feb 6 2013: Dear Krisztián,
          If you took my advice from the other conversation, you could decide exactly what mood you would like to experience regardless of circumstances!.........LOL:>)
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        Feb 6 2013: Just out of curiousity, what are your thoughts on the Venus Project?
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        Feb 7 2013: Oh... I guess I should put more research into the stuff I put out there! I'll drop it at that :)
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        Feb 6 2013: You are absolutely correct! Its been snowing on and off for the past few weeks so it's a little too cold out to be planting anything right now but I always get really excited whenever I have an opportunity to share something with the kids. A few weeks ago I talked with the little ones about recycling, we eventually made a paper bin in the classroom so we can start reusing the scraps for crafts!
        I have a cousin doing something called unschooling with her boys and from my understanding it's a way to put the kids in charge of the curriculum, its really cool! There's a lot of opportunity for improvement in todays education system, I feel like students should be engaged in a way, not to accept everything as it is, but to question why things work the way they do, they should be encouraged to go out and search for the answers on their own as much as or even more than they should learn in school. To be honest, I learn as much from the children I work with as they learn from me. I think that's a good thing.
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      Feb 6 2013: Jackson,
      I'm with Kate on have a GREAT opportunity as an "assistant preschool teacher " to influence a LOT of lives every single day....HERE and NOW!

      You say you want to " spur positive change throughout", and that goal is admirable. Start now, with each and every moment in each and every day:>) I like the fact that you recognize being engaged, learning, questioning, encouraging to seek answeres.

      I LOVE the idea that you recognize the fact that you can learn as much from the children as they learn from you. My perception, is that we are all students and teachers in this earth school, and when we lovingly share information with respect and kindness, we all have the ability to learn from each other:>)
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        Feb 7 2013: Colleen,

        Its seems like the internet is filled with strangers who want to make each other feel bad, yet both you and Kate Blake have really encouraged me, someone you've never even met in person before. I really appreciate everything you all have to say, I'm so thankful to have found a place like this.

        Thank you so much!
        Jackson Zachariah Vaughn
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          Feb 8 2013: Jackson,
          Unfortunately, some folks have not discovered the pleasure and enjoyment that can be experienced with empowering others, rather than disempowering. It's really FUN to be encouraging and boost people in their life adventure.

          Have you heard of the concept of "leveling"? People will often try to bring others to their "level" of security or insecurity. We tell each other a LOT about ourselves with each and every interaction.

          I'm glad you found us too Jackson. The more encouraging, supportive people we have in our world, the better:>)
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    Mar 4 2013: I would not do my current job; in fact I start a class action law suit for the hostile work environment they have created. I estimate 50+ % of the university employees would join.

    To me there are three rules to being charitable:
    1. Don’t need it, or need as little as possible.
    2. Save so you will never need it.
    3. Give to those who strive to live by the three rules, and could with a little help.

    Besides the common stuff for my own personal enjoyment, I build a work shop to invent and build item that would make the world better.
    Plus I start a “hole in the wall” style charity
    Start by dropping off window caulking materials and tools in old & poor neighborhoods, if they use them next year I’ll do other home insulation stuff. Also drop off herbs and spices seeds and again if they use them next year they get more herbs and vegetable plants.
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    Mar 4 2013: Traveling
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    Feb 7 2013: I have 9 more years of active service ( as a professional engineer dealing in river hydrology) left and I require the money to pay the mortgage of my new house. But I am actively developing the post retirement career (non-earning or earning, I do not really care) in writing for social cause. I have a blog and want to go pro after retirement. Plus I am already associated with a knowledge networking forum as honorary adviser and want to run a rural project in Himalayan mountains.
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    Feb 6 2013: Hi Gabe,
    If money was out of the equation, what would you spend the rest of your life doing?

    Exactly what I am doing:>)

    Would you do the job you are currently doing for free?

    I am retired now, and with the exploration of the life adventure, I often did jobs for free. For example, I started auditioning/performing in community musical theater as a hobby....a way to get back to music. Within a short time, I was asked to do TV commercials and print ads, which I did for no pay, or very little pay. I was having fun.....I LOVED the adventure! Soon I was asked to audition for professional theater groups, and I did so many tv ads for nothing, I was overexposed locally. So, I went to Boston, got an agent, and made it a profession for about 10 years. It started as a hobby for fun and no pay.....ended up as a very lucrative career.

    When my wasband (was my husband) and I were young, we bought several very old decrepid apartment buildings, renovated and restored them, and rented apartments for years, which I maintained and managed. I didn't officially get paid for any of that until I sold them 30 years later. We speculated that the investment would pay off in the future, but who the hell knew for sure?

    I was volunteering with the dept. of corrections, when one of the staff recommended me to fill in for a person with the dept. of social and rehabilitive services who was going on maternity leave. The volunteer work (which I did for about 6 years) was not paid, the position with SRS, reviewing the cases of children in state custody was lucrative.

    I liked restoring/recycling/ fixing old furniture, and while wasband and I were restoring our 1850s home, I bought, restored and fixed the furniture for the house......that turned into a little antique business.....

    I LOVE gardening and give lots of plants know the story by now! LOL:>)

    This happened throughout my life adventure....start something for love/hobby, and it turned into a lucrative career/business.
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    Feb 6 2013: I would guess that more often than not it would be a similar thing.
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    Feb 5 2013: kidding me? sure not. i was moving to england, settle down near fat duck, eat there every day, and work on my many hobby projects.