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Should TED allow demonstrations of military equipment and uniform on the TED stage?

This may be the first time explicit military equipment has been demonstrated on a TED stage.

What are your reactions and feelings about this?

One TED Community member wrote: "I hope this is the last time I see a military uniform on the TED stage for the purpose of hawking military weaponry... And let's be clear, any tool manufactured for the express purpose of increasing the effectiveness of military personnel is military hardware. "

Some questions:

Will this video TED Talk be used for marketing purposes for military equipment?

Would TED consider re-posting this TED Talk after editing out the first military equipment demonstration?

Where do you feel that the line be drawn?

Invite you to raise and share your feelings, thoughts and questions with the global TED community...

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  • Apr 29 2011: Not long ago military exoskeletons were still science-fiction, as seen In James Cameron's Avatar where the commander of the ailing US Airforce fought his last combat sitting in a robot fighter after his bulky fleet had been outflown by 2000 warriors of Pandora. Yet amazingly enough, they were riding dragons instead of using flapping-wing exoskeletons, and I bet that if Cameron had gone that far the Pentagone would have censored his movie...
    Let's hope that by the time flying protheses will be state-of-the-art, the crowd of individually airborne members of the civil society will outnumber by far the militaries -- for only then shall we get a chance to defeat US global air superiority just about to close in on all of us.

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