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Should social media be taught in school?

More and more kids are being bullied on social media, few even losing their lives. Also a lot of them spoil their future job possibilities by posting something stupid online because they don't understand future employers must be watching.


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    Mar 1 2013: To answer your question DIRECTLY, No.

    To teach social media in schools would require to change the curriculum. Making things more advance to understand and cope with social media. It also depends on the grade level you are inquiring about. I would not support social media being taught in elementary school or middle school (basically k-8). Again, just to be clear, I wouldn’t support it at all. However, since I am not the powers that be, if it would to hit High School curriculum, high school student may be more prepped for college courses.

    Social media teaches individuals different personalities as if everyone involved in social media had DID (not that I am implying they do..Lol). So a course / class should be designed to teach students interested in psychology. Also anyone interested in research or sociology.

    Just my two sents…

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