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Should social media be taught in school?

More and more kids are being bullied on social media, few even losing their lives. Also a lot of them spoil their future job possibilities by posting something stupid online because they don't understand future employers must be watching.


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  • Feb 28 2013: Tax dollars to pay for computer use, absolutely! If students have access to technology it opens up a vast amount of information. Social media is ONE tool students can use for interaction and collaborative learning. If use of social media can spark interest in learning I'm all for it. Someone said "Education is not the filling of buckets , but the lighting of a fire." Students today seem to lack passion and a desire for learning. Why did that happen? If social media, despite it's dangers, can recreate that spark, why not? And don't say it is a waste of tax dollars, because tax dollars are wasted on so many other USELESS things. Money is never wasted when it's for the purpose of educating our children.

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