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Should social media be taught in school?

More and more kids are being bullied on social media, few even losing their lives. Also a lot of them spoil their future job possibilities by posting something stupid online because they don't understand future employers must be watching.


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    Feb 8 2013: Social media not only should be taught in schools, it needs to be taught in schools. Just as typing was considered an essential part of a school's technology curriculum, social media ought to be added to the list. As social media becomes a larger part of our lives, our students need to learn the best practices for a beneficial experience and personal safety. We shouldn't teach it all in fear, though. Many benefits can come from social media (networking connections, new information, creating a community, self-expression) and those should be emphasized, too.
    • Feb 23 2013: I completely agree, there are so many good things that come along with social media that aren't always highlighted.

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