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Should social media be taught in school?

More and more kids are being bullied on social media, few even losing their lives. Also a lot of them spoil their future job possibilities by posting something stupid online because they don't understand future employers must be watching.


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  • Feb 23 2013: I think so. I'm a college journalism student in the US and oftentimes in class we reference how social media websites like twitter are shaping the field. Twitter especially is a great way to get news updates from the AP or CNN etc. not just info on what the celebrities are up to. Being able to use social media is a good skill to have especially when there are jobs specifically dedicated to managing media accounts. For example the city of Boston specifically employs someone to tweet, and make Facebook posts etc. about what's going on in the city. Learning social media in schools will probably have little impact on how students abuse the sites but it would make them more marketable. It would also help students to realize that whatever they put on the internet is there to stay and that schools they apply to, jobs they want etc. will be able to see it, they might conduct themselves differently. Either way, it's clear that social media is here to stay.

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