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Should social media be taught in school?

More and more kids are being bullied on social media, few even losing their lives. Also a lot of them spoil their future job possibilities by posting something stupid online because they don't understand future employers must be watching.


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    Feb 6 2013: Social media should ofcourse be taught in school. In this electronic age, the media plays a big role in disseminating information. They are also a magnet for all those hoaxers and cheaters who revel in deceiving others. Children should be taught the nuances of the media and how to tread the ground carefully, else they be pulled into the dirty side of it.
    Its very easy to be misled in the media circus. People using facebook are lulled into a fake sense of security and they share personal info on it. This is where a basic edu on social media works out where they are helped identify the fakes. Social media itself has distinct advantages . If used properly, its a treasure trove for knowledge. Also its a great way to socialise with friends and also make new ones. Social media is one of the biggest changes thats happened to mankind and if used properly, will be a joy to use.

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